World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is globally celebrated each year on June 8th!

Even though many of us don’t see the ocean daily, the ocean affects us and we affect the ocean. Our actions help protect it and the animals that call the ocean home. World Oceans Day is an opportunity to create widespread action and discussion about what we each can do to keep it healthy.

BottlesUp Glass added to their Design Collection this Sea Life bottle in honor of World Ocean's Day. BottlesUp Glass is 100% North American made, 75% recycled (lead-free) glass, with food-grade lids and rings. An artistically blown bottle with an earthy unique style unlike any other.  With your purchase we will donate 10% of each bottle purchase towards the organization World Oceans Day for this annual event.

Your personal contribution will help us grow the community of event organizers, and build World Oceans Day into a bigger global rallying point for celebration and action. On June 8th we capture people’s imaginations around the world to create important changes, locally, nationally and internationally.

World Oceans Day

It's healthy

clean, pure glass 
naturally BPA and PVC free 
silicone caps and rings

It's green

75% post consumer recycled glass 
lowest carbon footprint

It's art

designed by 
architectural glass artist Laurel Herter 
unique texture and brilliance 
beauty + utility

It's responsible

made in North America 
assembled by PEP/ 
Program for Exceptional People 
we support: 
1% For The Planet 
Save Our Shores

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