Mar 01, 2015 at 11:11 AM

Breathe Balance Into Your Day

By Kimber Mahon

    Waking up each day, we should feel refreshed and excited for a full day ahead. Ending the day feeling balanced leads to a good night's rest. Our lifestyle choices determine our outcome day to day and over the long haul. Explore the many possibilities to add balance in your life while giving a vibrant YOU to others. We are all energy and when we are living a healthy balanced and active life together, we create balance and happiness. This energy flows to those you encounter too! Your energy affects others.

   So where do you start? How about starting with the breath. Many are so busy rushing about they don’t get enough oxygen into the body to help assist with stress and create a calmer state for the body to cope. If you are familiar with meditation you will know what I am talking about. I know many people who say they don’t have time or patience for meditation, so let's just focus on the simplest ways of breathing energy and calmness into our day-to-day living.

   Breathing begins with awareness of your surroundings, thoughts, and your breath. Identify your environment and let it go as you move into a positive state of being. Good posture is very important. If we slouch we compress the diaphragm and other organs. Now exhale through your mouth then slowly inhale through your nose and into your stomach. It can help to put your hands just above the waist in the belly area. This way you can focus more on directing your inhaling. We tend to breathe shallowly and sometimes even hold our breath. This creates stress in the body. Once you have inhaled, hold for a count of 2-5 depending on your comfort. Release the breath through the mouth slowly. To slow down the release, put your tongue against the ridge of tissue just behind your upper front teeth and it will allow for a slower release. Repeat a few more times until you feel the clearing of the body and mind. Positive thinking will help carry you through the rest of your day too.

   Breathing properly is a great first step to balancing your day and ending it in a positive way. Stay tuned as I get into other aspects of balancing ourselves with movement, the foods and beverages we choose (including quality water), and our need for sleep. Until then, breathe life into your life!

With Love ~ Kimber

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